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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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Gender & Diversity

The BGHS attaches great importance to equal access to scholarship, which is to be guaranteed equally not just to men and women but also to social groups that have so far been under-represented. To further this goal, the School makes available various support programmes.

Lernen im Prozess: das gender- und diversitygerechte Auswahlverfahren der Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS), (Authors: Karen Holtmann, Sabine Schäfer, in: Journal Netzwerk Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung NRW 36/2015 p. 62-67).
[german article about the election process, grounded on gender and diversity values.]

General Programmes and Offers of Support

Part-time Status

To those of its members that cannot engage in full-time study because of being in employment, or of taking care of children or dependents, or for health and similar reasons, the BGHS offers the option to do their studies part-time. In this case, the standard duration of the doctoral programme is extended from three to a maximum of five years. You can download a form for the application for part-time student status here.

Mentoring Programme Movement

Another measure to support its female members is the funds the BGHS provides for them for participation in the Mentoring Programme movement of Bielefeld University. For more information on this programme click here.

Programmes and Support for Families

Parent-Child Room on Level X-B2

The BGHS has a Parent-Child room at its disposal, where there are some toys for children, a sofa and a desk to work at. This facility is to enable parents of small children to deal with short-term child-care emergencies or to offer them a place to retreat to, e.g., to nurse their child.

Family Support System at the University of Bielefeld

The University of Bielefeld supports young parents in their desire to have a family as well as a job.
The University's Family Service (in German) helps (future) parents and doctoral researchers who look after family members with a comprehensive advice service and other measures of support. The GEW (Trade Union for Science and Education) publishes a guide (in German) on how to combine family life with an academic career.

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