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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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In the areas of doctoral programmes and young scholars from history and sociology, the BGHS makes important contributions to the internationalisation strategy of Bielefeld University. In particular, it helps to advance the four goals of

  • Internationalisation of research
  • Internationalisation of teaching and research
  • International recruitment and
  • International mobility

Internationalisation of Research

The BGHS promotes this goal of the University of Bielefeld by recruiting and funding international doctoral students who come with their own ideas for realising research projects.

A third means to contribute to the internationalisation of research at Bielefeld University is the financial and administrative help that doctoral students receive from the BGHS to organise the Annual Seminar as well as workshops on themes of their own choice. This strengthens the School's international network and makes the research work of its scholars visible at the international level. Also deserving of a mention is the annual Notre Dame-Bielefeld PhD Student Workshop held jointly with the University of Notre Dame.

Internationalisation of Teaching and Classes

Some of the BGHS' courses use the English language as language of instruction, which creates the basic precondition for an international doctoral programme. The School also funds courses taught by international guest lecturers, another valuable addition to its programme. And the fact that the School's doctoral students have the chance to teach courses themselves also contributes to the international character of teaching at the BGHS.

International Recruitment

The BGHS has always thrown open its grants and positions to international applicants. In the selection procedures for 2012/13 and 2013/14, a modus operandi was established that resulted in half of the positions going to international applicants, which also demonstrated clearly the School's commitment to gender equality and diversity of its members.

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