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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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Logo der Einrichtung

Quality Management

The BGHS is dedicated to the concept of a trans-disciplinary, taught doctoral programme of the highest standard. Its approach to quality management consists of measures at various levels:

  • The highly professional service provided by the BGHS ensures that its students' questions concerning their course of study and its requirements, and enquiries about funding opportunities always receive competent answers. In addition, the BGHS evaluates the annual reports submitted by its doctoral researchers in order to adjust and improve the School's academic programme in accordance with their wishes. Also, the BGHS makes work space available in its rooms to those students who are not otherwise entitled to one at Bielefeld University
  • The School's Annual General Meeting is the chance for all members to inform themselves about recent developments and contribute their own ideas.
  • The BGHS vouches for a high standard of supervision through binding supervison agreements, between students and their main supervisor. The School also has guidelines for the supervision of doctoral dissertations in which students can find valuable tips on supervision and for their time as doctoral researcher at the BGHS, which will enable them to complete their doctoral programme in the three to four years that the BGHS aims at as a standard.
  • In the case of academic or everyday problems with life at the BGHS, students can get independent help from the academic liaison.
  • The BGHS is undergoing voluntary evaluation to examine the effectiveness of its programme and to ensure its quality. The first evaluation took place in 2010. This triggered the strategic further development of the programme, which led to the BGHS successful reapplication in the second round of the Initiative for Excellence. 2016 the second evaluation was taking place guiding the further continuance of the BGHS in Bielefeld University. Within the framework of this evaluation doctoral researchers and supervisors were interviewed. A summary of both surveys can be found in the report "Obtaining a doctorate at the BGHS. Report on the findings of the 2016 evaluation survey".

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