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International PhD Student Workshop Notre Dame - Bielefeld

A cooperation in doctoral training between graduate students in Notre Dame's Department of History (USA) and the Department of History at Bielefeld University and the BGHS started in 2010. The cooperation is based on a PhD student workshop that is oriented towards theories and methods. It takes place every year and is run by the universities of Notre Dame and Bielefeld in turn. The workshops are conducted in English.

The aim of the workshop is to boost international networking and to foster intensive exchange between the doctoral candidates and scholars of both institutions.
Research papers are at the core of the workshop where participating students introduce a chapter, a methodological aspect or the analytical design of their project. The relevant papers are distributed to all participating students in advance.

At the workshops, the respective authors give a short introduction to their projects. The focus is on the detailed commentary on the research papers by a colleague of the partner university. This is followed by a plenary discussion.

The doctoral candidates involved usually take part in the workshop twice (once in Bielefeld and once in Notre Dame). In this way not only does the progress achieved in the development of their projects become apparent and a topic for discussion, but personal contacts are also deepened.
As at each meeting new PhD graduates join the group, there are always two participating cohorts.

The impulses created by the workshops have proved extremely fruitful. They have also led to a more intensive exchange of teachers between the two institutions.

Previous Workshops and Themes

  • German and Russian Identities Across Time and Borders, Part I, 24 -26 April 2010, Bielefeld University
  • German and Russian Identities Across Time and Borders, Part II, 7-11 April 2011, University of Notre Dame
  • Culture, Society and Memory: The Challenges of Historical and Sociological Research on Russia, Germany and the US, 12.-14. May 2012, Bielefeld University
  • Transnational Approaches in Graduate Research, 25.-29. April 2013, University of Notre Dame
  • Theories and Narration in History and Sociology, 23.-28. May 2014, Bielefeld University
  • 6th International Ph.D Student Workshop Bielefeld/Notre Dame 30. April - 5. May,2015 University of Notre Dame
  • 7th International Ph.D Student Workshop Bielefeld/Notre Dame 26-31 May 2016, Bielefeld University
  • 8th International Ph.D Student Workshop Bielefeld/Notre Dame 4-8 May 2017, University of Notre Dame
  • 9th International Ph.D Student Workshop Bielefeld/Notre Dame 19. - 24. May 2018 Bielefeld University - Programme (PDF)

Previous doctoral researchers as Fellows in in Notre Dame/Bielefeld: Stephen Morgan (Notre Dame), Summer Term 2014; Ole Pütz (Bielefeld), Summer Term 2015

Exchange of teaching staff since 2012: Semion Lyandres (Notre Dame), Rory Rapple (Notre Dame), Julia Adeney Thomas (Notre Dame), Patrick Griffin (Notre Dame), John Deak (Notre Dame), Alexander Martin (Notre Dame), Catherine Cangany (Notre Dame), Bettina Brandt (Bielefeld), Stephan Merl (Bielefeld), Peter Schuster (Bielefeld)

Contact: Dr. Bettina Brandt (Bielefeld University), Prof. Dr. John Deak (University of Notre Dame)

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