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Guest Lecturer- & Guest Researcher-Programme

International Guest Lecturers and Guest Researchers add additional value to the BGHS programme. Proposals as to who should be invited come from doctoral researchers and professors. In addition, the BGHS teaching programme is enhanced by lectures, seminars and workshops held by guest professors and researchers.

Guest Lecturer-Programme

The Guest Lecturer Programme offers international researchers, in particular advanced post-docs and professors, the chance to be a guest of the BGHS for a few days and to conduct a theory and methods seminar in the framework of the teaching programme of the BGHS (usually in the form of a two day workshop). Visiting lecturers are invited on the suggestions by the doctoral students.

Guest Researcher-Programme

The Guest Researcher Programme offers international researchers, in particular advanced postdocs and professors, the opportunity of a four to eight week stay at the BGHS. They are expected to offer a seminar in theory or methods (normally a two-day workshop).
In addition, the Guest Researchers should be available for questions, debates and scientific exchange to doctoral students and academics.


If you would like to invite an international scholar who might be of interest to other members of the BGHS as well, please send an informal request to the BGHS office, which should include the following details:

  • Name and title
  • Current home institution
  • Discipline and expertise
  • Major publications
  • Reason why he/she should be invited and what added value he/she can provide for the young researchers at the BGHS
The BGHS board will decide on the applications received.

We appreciate applications both from PhD students at the BGHS and from scholars at the Department of History and the Faculty of Sociology.
Should you have any questions concerning the programme, please feel free to contact the BGHS office.

You can find a list of previous guest lecturers and guest scientists at the BGHS under the heading "persons"or here.

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