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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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BGHS Programme

The BGHS doctoral programme is both taught and tailored to the needs of the individual doctoral researcher. The programme consists of:

  • a curriculum that covers a variety of research areas
  • integration of stays in archives or abroad and for research purposes
  • flexible, individual supervision arrangements
  • preparation for a career after graduation
  • room for student initiative and individual interests

Among the distinctive features of the School's doctoral programme are specific class formats such as its Research Classes, the Research Retreat, the Interdisciplinary Seminar, the Interdisciplinary Colloquium and the Study Groups.

Enrolment for the doctoral programme is for summer or winter semesters. Information on application for a place on the programme can be found here.

The doctoral programme at the BGHS is formally completed after the successful submission of a scholarly study (dissertation) and the oral defence ('disputation') at the Faculty of Sociology or the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology. After the successful completion of the programme, the students are awarded the grade of 'Dr. phil.'. For more information on how to formally start the actual graduation process click here.

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