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Course Requirements

Type and number of requirements are laid down in the Study Regulations for the doctoral programmes in History and Sociology. You have to acquire a total of 10 credit points (CP), of which six come from the obligatory and four from the optional part of the programme. You provide evidence of participation in classes through a certificate of participation . After completion of the doctoral programme the BGHS will give you a complete transcript of the courses which you have attended.

Compulsory Credits (6 CP)

There are six compulsory credits to be earned in face-to-face classes usually chosen from the School's course offering (for details go to the electronic course calendar [eKVV]).

Compulsory Classes:
  • a Theory Class of 1 SWS* = 0,5 CP
  • a Methods Class of 1 SWS = 0,5 CP
  • two to four Research Classes at 8 SWS = 4 CPs
  • two to four courses from the area of Transferable Skills at 2 SWS = 1 CP
*weekly session of 45 minutes

Optional Classes (4 CP)

In this part of the Programme students have to earn four credits. Classes can be chosen from the BGHS Programme (see the eKVV under "Optional Course Programme") and from outside the University of Bielefeld. Activities that can count for this programme part are, for example:

  • Colloquium with own paper: 1 CP
  • Colloquium without own paper: 0.5 CP
  • Seminar: 0.5 CP
  • Research Retreat: 0.5 CP
  • Teaching a course of one's own: 0.5-1 CP
  • Contribution to an external conference: 0.5 CP
  • Organisation of a workshop: 1 CP
  • Participation in a study group: 0.5-1 CP
  • Post as a doctoral researchers' representative: 0.5 CP
  • Other academic achievements: 0.5-1 CP

For more details please consult the handout on study requirements.

Doctoral researchers who study according to the Study Regulations of 2008 and 2009 find details on study requirements here.

Certificate of attendance

You provide evidence of having attended courses through the certificate of attendance, which has to be signed by the respective course lecturer. You can find a form of the certificate here.


The BGHS provides you with a complete transcript of the courses you have taken after the completion of the doctoral programme. For details on the application for your transcript see here.

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