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Doctoral excellence - The BGHS follows its own path

Making research possible - Research in the here and now at the BGHS - for the sake of opportunities there and then

Strengthening individual initiative - The BGHS creates space for doctoral researchers' ideas and impulses

Annual Seminar - The BGHS's annual conference promotes international exchange across disciplines

InterDisciplines - The online journal promotes interdisciplinary exchange

Promoting internationalism ... - ... and bringing it home

Landing, latching on, and leaping ahead - The BGHS promotes its doctoral researchers before, during and after graduation

Professionalising doctoral research - The BGHS is designing a structure to address doctoral researchers' needs

Communicating research - The BGHS exposes its members' research projects to a wide audience

Editors' Note


End of Messages? - New Messages!

In February 2009, the very first BGHS Annual Seminar, titled End of Messages? devoted itself to evaluating the state of the collaboration between history and sociology in general and at Bielefeld University in particular. While the interdisciplinary cooperation between the Faculty of Sociology and the Department of History had a long story of success to look back on, by the late 2000s it was hard to deny the impression that this unique initiative had lost steam.

Six years later we can happily say we have by no means arrived at the 'end of messages'; in fact, we now have New Messages. A Dialogue between ­History and Sociology.The idea of a joint, thematically open, and internationally oriented Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS), which has been funded since 2007 by the German Excellence Initiative as well as by the Faculty of Sociology, the Department of History, and the Rektorat of Bielefeld Univer­sity, has proven itself. Today the BGHS is a central forum for exchange, dialogue, and cooperation between the two disciplines at Bielefeld University. And what is already practised successfully among doctoral researchers could in the future become an example for more intensive collaborations between other scholars of the respective institutions.

With this journal, New Messages, we would like to introduce you to the work of the BGHS. These pages also feature the voices of those the graduate school serves first and foremost: the doctoral researchers, whom the BGHS strives to provide excellent conditions for conducting their research projects and who, for their part, contribute decisively to the vibrant exchange between disciplines. It is these young and creative scholars who embody the BGHS spirit and who will guarantee that there continue to be 'new messages'.

We hope you enjoy reading our magazine

Thomas Welskopp & Ursula Mense-Petermann






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