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Department of Chemical Ecology

Prof. Dr. Caroline Müller

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Logo der Chemischen Ökologie Chemical ecology deals with biological and chemical investigations of natural products that are involved in the communication between individuals within one or different species and which influence ecological interactions. In our group we explore the role of natural products which mediate interactions between plants, herbivorous insects and their antagonists (predators, parasitoids) as well as interactions between mutualistic partners such as fungi. We focus on the isolation and identification of such compounds and the elucidation of their functions in an ecological, behavioural, genetic, population-biological and evolutionary context.

Topical Events

Guests are welcome any time!



While the university is in session our lectures take place on

Tuesdays, 08:30 pm in room V2-145

19-11-2019  Blaise Binama: Intraspecific competitive ability in absence/ presence of abiotic challenge

26-11-2019  Jana Stallmann: Journal Club

03-12-2019  Dr. Lisa Johanna Tewes: Pharmacophagy in Athalia rosae

10-12-2019  Marina Wolz: Back to the start: A learning lesson of sublethal insecticide effects on a leaf beetle


During the semester break please attend our

Journal Club

on Thursdays, 16:15 pm, room W1-135