Computational Biology

Our group focuses on three fields - the analysis of C4 photosynthesis using transcriptomics, kinetic modeling and stoichiometric modeling, the analysis of transcriptional responses to changing environments or mutations, and network analyses of large transcriptional systems. Occasionally, we moonlight in other topics, such as high-throughput phenotyping.

We work with typical models, such as algae and Arabidopsis, with crop plants such as wheat, maize, and barley, or with plants with unusual characteristics, such as Talinum, Flaveria, Cleome or Azolla filiculoides. Lab-based and computational methods reveal the connections in metabolic and transcriptional networks. We use next generation sequencing data to resolve acclimation and adaptation to adverse environmental conditions and to ultimately understand how high productivity is maintained.

Research Overview
Our methods are computer-based and lab-based analyses of "big data". Our topic revolves around primary productivity of plants, especially photosynthesis.
Student projects
Student Projects
At all times, we offer interested students the opportunity to get to know the working group within the framework of any projects and to write a final paper.