Welcome to the Biological Collection at Bielefeld University ! (Deutsch | English)

Most zoological departments of the old and venerable german universities house collections of zoological specimens that were often brought together over centuries. These collections are of inestimable scientific and cultural-historical value. They provided teaching and research material to generations of students of natural sciences. Collecting animals and plants for the students´ personal collection has long been part of the university curricula. 

When founded in 1976, the Faculty of Biology of the young Bielefeld University only owned a fine collection of bird preparations, thus almost completely lacking visual aids for basic zoological teaching. Due to the initiative of Clas M. Naumann, Professor for Systematic Zoology, the biological collection was established in 1982 and headed by Dr. Michael von Tschirnhaus, who, within a few years and almost out of the blue, managed to build up a teaching collection that despite its small size is astonishingly complete and worth seeing. 

The collection focusses on the mid-European fauna, but samples from other regions are available as well. Besides the systematically structured collection for teaching and reference many fascinating and instructive exhibits may be found.

Students interested in the diversity of animals are always welcome!


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