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In the spirit of international solidarity the CIAS Bielefeld wants to express its support for the ongoing struggles against police brutality and anti-black racism in the US and all of the Americas. Solidarity with all those protesting for justice, rights, and an end to anti-black violence and oppression. Stay safe.
Full Statement of Solidarity (PDF)

The Plataforma para el diálogo "Represión política, desaparición forzada y estrategias de resiliencia en contextos de desigualdad" takes place in Guadalajara, Mexico from February 26th to 27th in Kooperation with Gießen University and CAPAZ Colombia. (Program)

Call for Papers: Within the framework of the knowledge laboratory "Confrontando las Desigualdades en América Latina: Perspectivas sobre riquezas y poder", up to a maximum of 10 research grants will be awarded for the work on the subject "Regulacion y Desregulación de la riqueza". The Call for Papers will be open until March 1st, 2020.
More information here and on calas.lat/convocatoria

Three DAAD scholarships are available for students from the Master's programmes InterAmerican Studies, History, Literature, British and American Studies and Sociology, as well as from the BA programme Romance Cultures in the winter semester 2020/21 for studies at the Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico. (More information)

Conference: Hofgeismarer Lateinamerikagespräche "Krisen Klima: Umweltkonflikte aus lateinamerikanischer Perspektive", Jan 24th - 26th, 2020.

The Lectures for Future are presented on CampusTV at Bielefeld University!

In memoriam Josef Raab (1960 - 2019)

The International Association of Inter-American Studies (IAS) and the Center for InterAmerican Studies (CIAS) at Bielefeld University share the sad duty to announce the passing of Josef Raab, the Founding President of the International Association of Inter-American Studies. On behalf of the IAS and the CIAS, we respectfully offer our sincere condolences to Josef's family for the passing of this charming and remarkable man.

UNIVERSITIES IN CRISIS OR CRISIS OF THE UNIVERSITY?: Modes of Organizing Knowledge Production and Higher Education in the 21st Century, November 28. - 29. 2019, Bielefeld University, X-Building, Room B2-103
with Keynote from: Ramón Grosfoguel


Geld macht weiß
Interview with Olaf Kaltmeier, in which the refeudalization of Latin America, the Maria Sybilla Merian Center for Advanced Latin American Studies, CALAS and the significance of music as an object of research are discussed.