Universität Bielefeld

The Research Network for Latin America

The Research Network for Latin America is an association of historical, anthropological, cultural studies and sociological institutions of the Universities of Bielefeld, Cologne, Bonn, Münster and Hanover. Funded by the German Ministry for Education and Reasearch (BMBF), humanities and area studies scholars along with social scientists analyze the concepts of ethnicity, citizenship and belonging.

The regional expert network is a competent contact institution for local and foreign scientists, development cooperation institutions, politicians and the general public, offering access to a differentiated expertise in historical and currently, controversial conflicts in Latin American development cooperation, politics, economy and culture.

Professor Dr. Olaf Kaltmeier leads the project at Bielefeld University . Dr. Jochen Kemner coordinates the translation of reasearch findings within the field of ethnicity in the pluri-cultural societies of Latin America into educational materials for schools. Eric Javier Bejarano is working on a doctoral project which highlights the identity politics of the guerrilla movement in Columbia following political transformation processes since 1990.

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