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Annual Reports and Newsletter

Annual Reports

The CIAS Annual Report is published every two years and provides an overview of key activities of InterAmerican research and teaching at the University of Bielefeld. Information on third-party funded projects, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research or the German Academic Exchange Service, can be found in the CIAS Annual Report, as well as information on doctoral projects in progress or completed during the reporting period. You can also find out more about publications that make Bielefeld's InterAmerican research internationally visible - including scientific journals, series of publications, monographs, and anthologies. Finally, you will learn about the InterAmerican (international) conferences and workshops that were carried out at the CIAS during the reporting period.

Here you can find all annual reports as a PDF file for download.


In the monthly CIAS newsletter, we will inform you about different facets of Interamerican-oriented research and teaching in Bielefeld. We will keep you up to date on current publications and upcoming conferences, workshops and guest lectures, as well as guest researchers who are currently working with CIAS. You can also find out more about the weekly colloquium dates for the InterAmerican Studies program. If you are interested in job positions or calls for papers in the field of cultural and regional studies in North and Latin America, you will also find them in our monthly overview.

We are happy to add you to the CIAS mailing list if you are interested in receiving the newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter and for any further information in the InterAmerican context, please contact us directly by cias@uni-bielefeld.de.

Here you find all of the previously published newsletters available for download.