Universität Bielefeld

Portfolio 2: Procesos migratorios en América Latina. Unterrichtsbausteine für den Themenbereich Migration in den Amerikas

Teaching Spanish Sec. II

Portfolio Coordination: Jochen Kemner


Publication Date: March 2017
Text: German/Spanish
Number of pages: 68
Price: 10 EUR
ISBN: 978-3-946507-01-7

Authors: Martin Breuer, Catalina Calero Ramírez, Lara Jussen, Olaf Kaltmeier, Jochen Kemner, Gilberto Rescher, Guadalupe Rivera, Julia Roth, Nicole Schwabe, Anne Tittor.

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The thematic portfolio deals with migration as a social, political, historical, and economic phenomenon in an increasingly globalized world. Due to the globalization of migration, the topic is present in various aspects in everyday life, including the student’s learning horizon. The aim of the portfolio is to comprehensibly understand the situation of migrants and their position in their new society. The central idea of the text is to show that migrants are not simply regarded as victims of their circumstances, by including their own ideas, concerns, and strategies. This will allow for an analysis of the contributions that migrants can make to the development of both their countries of origin and arrival: for example, through material cross-border interconnectedness, such as transnational networks, communities and families, material resources, as well as knowledge and ideas that convey perspectives and cultural elements in both directions, thereby promoting an exchange between societies. The presented material questions immigration policies and migration regimes and encourages students to engage with the complex motivations of immigration and identity formation processes in a new life and work routine.