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Portfolio 3: Immigrant Nations.Teaching Materials on Migration Processes in North America

Teaching English Sec. I & II

Portfolio Coordination: Jochen Kemner


Publication Date: Januar 2017
Text: German/English
Number of pages: 68
Download: Dossier and Additional Materials
Price: 11 EUR
ISBN: 978-3-946507-02-4

Authors: Nathan Devos, Till Meister, Claudia Peterk, Gilberto Rescher, Guadalupe Rivera, Julia Roth, Nicole Schwabe, Anne Tittor

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This topic portfolio deals with migration regimes in North America. Selected places and spaces (Canada/USA, US-Mexican Borderlands) summarize the various dimensions and facets of migration and give insight into the historical and current importance of migration processes in the Americas. The central idea of the text is to show that migrants are not simply regarded as victims of their circumstances, by including their own ideas, concerns, and strategies. This will allow for an analysis of the contributions that migrants can make to the development of both their countries of origin and arrival.