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Portfolio 4: ¿Cachai Chile?. Sociedad. Memoria.Conflictos Actuales

Teaching Spanish Sec. II

Portfolio Coordination: Nicole Schwabe/ Olaf Kaltmeier


Publication Date: June 2017
Text: German/Spanish
Number of pages: 64
Price: 10 EUR
ISBN: 978-3-946507-04-8

Authors: Sebastián Henríquez Pérez, Olaf Kaltmeier, Nicole Schwabe, Geanina Zagal Ehrenfeld

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❯¿Cachai Chile?❮ translated as ❯Do you know Chile?❮. The aim of this teaching module is to convey the diversity of the country Chile and its people, as well as different realities of life. The examination of historical interdependencies is a central theme. Current conflicts - such as the student protests and the conflict between Mapuche and the Chilean state - are also examined in a historical perspective. In addition, the debate about historical memory runs through the entire portfolio.

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  • DossierUnderstand Chile. Society, historical memory and current conflicts
    A detailed analysis of the teaching portfolio "Cachai Chile" by Olaf Kaltmeier and Nicole Schwabe.
    (Full text in German)