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This project is carried out by an interdisciplinary working group composed of scientists and didactics working together to create teaching materials for advanced foreign language studies (English and Spanish) as well as humanities subjects (geography, history, social sciences, politics) to discuss conceptual approaches to global learning.

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Since the beginning of the project, a key element has been the exchange with non-university political educational institutions.



+Welthaus Bielefeld
The association Welthaus Bielefeld was founded in 1980 from the merger of politically active developmental groups and has since been one of the central institutions in the field. Cooperation between Welthaus and the working group "Knowledge about Global Interdependencies" has been part of the project "Model Schools for Global Learning" since 2013.
+Nicaragua Information Office
Emerging from the Nicaraguan Solidarity Movement, the Nicaragua Information Office focuses on development education in Latin America and works in cooperation with grassroots initiatives in Nicaragua. The interactive educational material "Fokuscáfe Latin America" represents a reference point in the conceptual considerations of our teaching materials series.
+One World Network NRW
The One World Network NRW is an umbrella organization for development policy engagement in North Rhine-Westphalia with offers for global learning, development policy education, and campaign work. Since 2017, cooperation with the OpenMind project has focused on a dialogue between practical perspectives on development cooperation and universities.
+Christian Initiative Romero (CIR)
The Christian Initiative Romero has been working since the 1980s on labor and human rights in the countries of Central America and supports local organizations and grassroots movements. These thematic elements overlap with our research work and the contents that are developed in the educational materials.