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Project - Generation of an item database for the field of business and organizational research

The DSZ-BO offers an item database for researchers in the field of business and organizational research. The item database contains an overview on selected questionnaires and items. It aims at promoting the usage of already applied measuring instruments. An Excel sheet lists all questions and items of several relevant questionnaires and tags them with keywords. Thus already applied items can be acquired for one's own data collection. The item database will be extended stepwise by adding further new questionnaires.

Project team: Annemarie Pankow, Alexia Meyermann, Maik Dammann, Julian Klassen, Julian Bargheer
Funding: none
Duration: Jun 2012 - Jan 2013


Steps in creating the item database

Selection of the included questionnaires

The item database contains several German questionnaires as well as some international ones. Listed are also questionnaires of surveys, that have been inaccessible before.

Inclusion of questions and response categories of the questionnaires

The questionnaires are included in an alphabetical order into the item database - one question and the relating response categories per line. In some cases - e.g. item batteries - this means that there are multiple items in one line. Interviewer instructions and inserted texts are also included into the item database. The sections of the questionnaires are color-coded.

Tagging the items with keywords

Due to the wide range of topics in the questionnaires every item of the item database is tagged by a certain keyword. The keywords are mostly taken from the TheSoz (Thesaurus Social Science).



The complete item database is available as download. | XLS

A detailed description of the item data bank can be found on the following link. | PDF

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