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As a theoretical concept, socialization does not characterize a narrowly defined field, but a wide range of research questions coming from various theoretical approaches and perspectives. Much of this diversity is also reflected in the research activities of our working group. It is engaging in quantitative and qualitative research projects on issues in socialization theory, approaches from biographical research, and aspects of feministic social research from sociological, educational, and social-psychological p erspectives. Some of the current research projects are being carried out in Bielefeld University's Interdisciplinary Institute for Conflict and Violence Research (IKG); others at the Centre for Research on Childhood and Adolescence (ZKJF) and the Centre for Prevention and Intervention in Childhood and Adolescence (ZPI) - both located in Bielefeld University's Faculty of Educational Science. The working group also cooperates closely with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies (IZG).