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Self-Portrayal AG 8

AG8 Social Work focuses on formulating theories, teaching, and carrying out empirical research on not only the performance and delivery of social services (especially in education and childrearing) but also the conditions in which children and adolescents are growing up.

The working group is applying quantitative, qualitative, and discourse analytical research methods in its projects and analyses in order to study not only subjectification processes and effectiveness but also the normative foundations of social work. It focuses particularly on elaborating organizational and profession-theory-based patterns of analysis.

Alongside basic research on theory, AG 8 conducts analyses that will contribute evidence-based arguments to debates in society, the discipline, and the profession.

Hence, AG8 seeks to engage in scientific debate and disseminate academic discourses and problem analyses. In accordance with this mission, its regular lecture series with guest lecturers and its conferences are also accessible to non-academic audiences.

AG8 has made significant contributions to a research school in North Rhine-Westphalia, a collaborative EU research project, and the Marie Curie Programme. At present, it is conducting a variety of medium-sized and small research projects funded by several foundations, including projects on mindfulness in parental childrearing, overcoming poverty in families, and organizational analyses in the context of an organization-theory-based profession research.