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Our consultation service

Inside the faculty, the gender equality commission takes up an advisory function. All members of the faculty are welcome to make use of our consultation service…

…to get an impression of the gender equality policy work at our faculty;

…to get advice in terms of general gender related issues, for example, the legal framework in hiring processes and appointment procedures;

…to get further information as initial consultation on suitable consulting and assistance services in case of experienced or observed gender related discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault in the context of your studies or your employment at the Faculty of Educational Science

We ensure confidentiality; neither the identities of visitors nor the content of the conversations will be disclosed without your consent.
To make an appointment please contact us over 0521-106 67756 or gleichstellung-ew@uni-bielefeld.de

The consultation can be held in German or in English.

In addition, the Equal Opportunities Office of Bielefeld University provides information on further consultation services within the university.