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1.2: Correlation between refugees' movement and the migration of bacterial pathogens (Ines Kiemann)


Short description
The "FlüGe" project of the PhD candidate Ines Kiemann from faculty of biology is concerning with Staphylococcus aureus. Ines Kiemann is interested in investigating the nasal microbiome of refugees regarding S. aureus. In her study, Ines Kiemann wants to determine the genetic variances of S. aureus isolates. She will focus on virulence genes, which for example mediate the production of toxins or the resistance against antibiotics. S. aureus is evolving antibiotic resistances rapidly. So-called "methicillin resistant S. aureus" (MRSA) isolates are of great importance, because they are already resistant against a multitude of antibiotics. By literature, MRSA are differentiated in healthcare-associated (HA-), community-associated (CA-) and livestock-associated (LA-) MRSA. HA-MRSA are found and transmitted in medical facilities. CA-MRSA are found in places where many people live together. There, they can be transmitted within the community. Poor hygienic conditions additionally promote transmission. In her work Ines Kiemann also investigates if the living together of refugees in accommodations is promoting evolvement and transmission of CA-MRSA.