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Research Aims of FlüGe

FlüGe has a broad range of research aims. One aim is to survey the health of refugees and assess any risk factors. It also seeks to identify any barriers that keep refugees from using the health care services. The participatory development of group specific interventions will also be under research. In addition, a review of the positive as well as negative economic effects of refugee migration on the financial system of the statutory health service will be scrutinised. Further research aims include developing a set of recommendations for optimum strategies for integrating refugees/asylum seekers as well as setting out a legal basis with regard to human rights and ethical questions. Through its research, FlüGe also aims to further develop strategies to overcome social and health-related inequalities.

The School of Public Health at Bielefeld University excels in problem-oriented research and has established multiple ties and contractual partnerships with health-care practitioners. This enables the graduate school to address the short-term and long-term challenges that refugee migration presents to health and wellbeing under demographic change. The faculty's strengths allow the college to engage with the issue of security and participation amid social change and offer practical recommendations. The graduate school findings are not exclusively aimed at the scientific community but are intended to be integrated into health-care policy and practice.