Finished research projects

Project 2:
Ethnisizing and De-Ethnisizing the Political. Media, Actors and Semantics of the Ethnic in the Transnational Space of the Communication of History

Sub-project B 13 of the SFB 584: "The Political as Space of Communication in History"
Project manager: Christian Büschges, Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka, Wilfried Raussert und Sebastian Thies
Project staff: Jochen Kemner, Annette Rukwied, Naveen Dubey
This interdisciplinary project focuses mainly on transnationality, historic semantics, media and cultural history. As the previous research project on the northern Andean region and South Asia and the current situation at the Contact Zone between Mexico and the USA (Migration problems, Ethnisizing the Mainstream) have pointed out, politics of ethnicity in contemporary history and the diachronic perspective are becoming more and more important when researching the historic change of the political communication sphere. These tendencies were strengthened by the end of the cold war. The polarizing effect of the ethnic dimension of social conflicts on the one hand and the development of cultural-political strategies of accommodation or rather integration and mechanisms of containment of conflicts on the other hand both lead to a sustained change of cultural and political relations of power and representation by way of politicizing ethnicity. The semantics of the ethnic continues to gain importance and dictate the political communication in the forming world society. This is true for ethnically-defined cultures of resistance and for national and supranational strategies of intervention. Neglecting their increasing media coverage, the medial framing of the politics of ethnicity has of yet hardly been a field of research. This gap in cultural and social studies is meant to be filled and an understanding of how ethnic actors gain media attention will provide insight in the global success story of ethnicizing of the political.
Project 5:
Politics of Ethnicity and their Institutionalization in Supranational Negotiation Processes

Sub-project of the SFB 584 "The Political as Space of Communication in History"
Project manager: Christian Büschges
Project staff: Jochen Kemner
This project focuses on the adjustment of ethnic figures of legitimation in the supranational space of the political.The basis is the observation that ethnicity, since the last third of the 20th century, has become a vital transnational phenomenon, which has since found countless forums of articulation of which the institutions established within the United Nations are the most important. The aim of this habilitation project is to capture the world communication of the ethnic in its mutually influenced expansion through changes in world politics and impacts of local constellations. To accomplish this, the study takes into account the results of the regional research project of the South-American Andean region (Ecuador) that was part of a previous SFB-584 project and analyses both if and in which ways local actors in this region have impacts on the globalized discourse of ethnicity and if that discourse affects local negotiation processes about the rights of ethnic groups. The investigation period reaches from the beginning of transnational ethnic mobilization in the early 1960s until the present.