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Project Area A: Presentations and Representations of the Political


Project A 2 Esthetical and Rhetorical Strategies of Political Communication
  1. Cultural Criticism and Conservative Revolution in Germany, 1870-1933
  2. "Guardians of Politics"? The Presidents of the Federal Republic of Germany
Project A 5 1968 - A Communication Event?
  1. Literature and Protest. Hans Magnus Enzensberger and the Project of a Transnational Public
  2. Politics of Publishing and Culture of Protests: The Book market and the Extra-Parliamentary Opposition
Project A 8 Democratic Thought in the Weimar Republic: Constitutional Lawyers in Weimar as Political Agents, Politicians, Political Advisors and Political Scientists
Project A 14 Politics of Trust: German-French Relations since 1949


II. Linguistic and Semantic Constructions of the Political


Project A 6 The Nation in Political-Religious Discourses in France during the 18th Century
Project A 11 On Political Language in Transcendentally Established Societies. Semantics of order in Christian Latin literature in the Middle Ages.
Project A 12 Historical Semantics of the political in Germany, England and France (18th - 20th century)
Project A 13 Narratives of Politics and Gender. The Example of the German-Speaking National Historiography in the 19th and early 20th Century.
Project A 15 Trust and Power. Emotions in the political language of modernity

Project Area B: In- and Exclusion: Shifting boundaries of the Political


III. Politicization and Depoliticization


Project B 2 "Political Numbers". Statistics as a new means of political communication in the last third of the 18th century: Comparing Germany and France.
Project B 8 Consuming as a political problem
  1. Late medieval times to the 18th century
  2. The Weimar Republic and National Socialism
IV. Chances and Limits of Participation


Project B 11 Petitions as Form and Means of Political Communication in Late Imperial Russia
Project B 12 The Construction of Political Space by Semantics of In- and Exclusion.
The Discourse on Turkey and Europe 1959 ? 2004.
Project B 13 Ethnization and De-ethnization of the Political. Negotiations of inclusion and exclusion in the Andes and south-east Asia.
Project B 14 Heresies of Late Antiquity.
"Orthodoxy" and "Heterodoxy" as Criteria of Inclusion and Exclusion in the Political Space
Project B 15 Immigration Control and Democratic Legitimation

Project Area C: Violence in the Space of the Political


Project C 1 Violence as a Method and Content of Pre-Modern Communication - Jacquerie (1358) and Peasants' Revolt (1381)
Project C 2 Violence in Political Communication.
Protests against Inflation in Germany and France during the Second Half of the 19th Century
Project C 3 Violent Action and Political Communication.
The 'Autonomen' ? a "communication guerilla"?



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Reihe "Historische Politikforschung"

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