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Health literacy in Germany: The collection of representative data and the development of a materials and methods for health counseling

12/2013 bis 12/2016

Project management and coordination
Prof. Dr. Doris Schaeffer

Project suppurt staff
Eva-Maria Berens, Dominique Vogt

Project funding
Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV)

People with limited health literacy are at risk for receiving inadequate treatment and long-term care. Appropriate information and counseling are especially important for this group of people, but access is insufficient.

One aim of the project was to collect data on the health literacy, the lifestyle, health situation, and the information and counseling needs of people living in Germany. A second aim was to develop a materials and methods compilation that contributes to improve health counseling among people with low health literacy and increases user orientation in health counseling.

Subproject I: Collection of representative data on health competency in Germany
In the first phase, a representative survey was conducted on health literacy, lifestyle and health conditions. The sample was composed of 2,000 people aged 15 and above. Through this nationwide survey, data on the health literacy of the German population was collected.
The report (in German) can be foundhere.

Subproject II:Development of a materials and methods compilation for health counseling
In the second subproject, a systematic survey of problems and approaches to solving health problems was conducted with people with low health literacy. Based on a) the representative survey results, and b) focus groups with health counselors focusing on problems and approaches in dealing with persons with low health literacy, a collection of materials and methods, designed to support counselors, was developed and tested.
The materials and methods compilation (in German) can be foundhere.

Current publications on Health Literacy can be found in our publication list.

New publication:
Health literacy – the state of research and future perspectives (book in German with some chapters in English)
Published by Doris Schaeffer and Jürgen Pelikan




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