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Departments and Research Units


The faculty is organized in departments covering the most important public health sectors.

+AG 1 Health Systems, Health Policy and Health Sociology

Working Areas

  • Health System and Health Policy in Germany
  • International Comparison of Health Systems
  • Europeanization of Health Policy
  • Health Promotion in the Working Environment

Website of the AG 1

+AG 2 Population Medicine and Health Services Research

Working Areas

  • Burden of Disease
  • Migration, Escape and Health
  • Epidemiology of Infections
  • Health in the Setting Megacities
  • Health in the Setting Academy
  • Health in the Setting Company

Website of the AG 2

+AG 3 Epidemiology and International Public Health

Working Areas

  • Migration, Escape and Health
  • International Public Health
  • Social Epidemiologie
  • Health Reporting
  • Methods of Epidemiology

Website of the AG 3

+AG 4 Prevention and Health Promotion

Working Areas

  • Youth's Health
  • Women- and Gender Health
  • Evaluation und Quality Development in Prevention und Health Promotion

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+AG 5 Health Economics and Health Care Management

Working Areas

  • Health Economic Evaluation
  • LQuality of Life Research and Preference Measurement
  • Health Services Research in Particular with Primary and Secondary Data
  • E-Health
  • Demography

Website of the AG 5

+AG 6 Health Services Research and Nursing Science

The main focus of research in the AG 6 is the management of chronic illness and the need for long-term care as well as health problems in old age and the associated challenges for health care and the consequences for the further development of care. Part of the working group is also the Institute for Nursing Science (IPW).

Website of the AG 6
Website of the IPW

+AG 7 Environment and Health

Working Areas

  • Environmental Burden of Disease
  • Socio-spatial Distribution of Environmental Burdens and Their Impacts on Health
  • Ecology and Health
  • Climate Change and und Health
  • Life Situation and Burdens of People with Disabilities
  • Infection Protection/Infection Prevention
  • Gender-Related Health Research
  • E-Health and Telemedicine
  • Participatory Quality Development

Website der AG 7

+AG 8 Demography and Health

Working Areas

  • Population Dynamics: Determinants and Projections
  • Impact of Demographic Aging and Health Policies
  • Immigration, Integration and Health
  • Global Divergence of Demographic Trends

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Research Units

+Institute for Nursing Science (IPW)

The Institute for Nursing Science was founded in 1995 with the aim of promoting the development of nursing science and research at the university level. The IPW is an an institute of the Bielefeld University and is financially supported by the Ministry of Health, Emancipation, Nursing and Age NRW.

Website of the IPW

+NRW Graduate School - Refugee Health

In the NRW progress course of lecturers "Challenges and Opportunities of Global Refugee Migration for Health Care in Germany" (FlüGe) 13 doctoral students from 7 faculties deal with the challenges of global refugee migration.

Website of the course

+Bielefeld Center for Healthcare Compliance

The Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Law are organizing institutions of the Bielefeld Center for Healthcare Compliance (BCHC). The BCHC is a forum where theoretical and practical questions associated with compliance management in healthcare institutions are discussed in an interdisciplinary context and practical solutions are developed.

Website of the BCHC

+Rehabilitative Health Services Research

The professorship for rehabilitative care research is promoted as founding professorship by several founders. It is currently in the occupation process.

+Centre for ePublic Health Research (CePHR)

Das Centre for ePublic Health Research will be set up with funds from the faculty and the Rector's Office in 2017 to build the topic ePublic Health.



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