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The teaching and research field "Health Communication"

The degree program is modeled on the international Bachelor?s degree and focuses on the field of "Health communication". Health communication combines two modern scientific fields: health science and communications science. Unlike the medical sciences, which are concerned with disease diagnosis, the health sciences focus primarily on those factors that protect and promote health. The field of health communication examines how best to convey knowledge about health promotion and protection to the public.

Health communication involves the exchange of knowledge, opinions and feelings surrounding the topics of health and disease. Such exchanges can take place between health professionals and patients in the context of the health care system, or between citizens and policy makers in the context of health care policy. Direct, personal communication remains an important source of information on health and disease. However, mass communication, in the form of newspapers, magazines and television, is gaining importance, and interactive, electronic media, such as the internet, have firmly established themselves as a forum for discussing health. This development is addressed in this new degree program.

The field of health communication can be divided into three areas:



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