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Career perspectives in health communication

The program prepares students for careers in five areas of health communication through the following practical projects:

  • Health counseling and healthcare: Projects on case-management, direct and personal health counseling, patient counseling and consumer advice, patient education, tele-nursing, online patient systems.
  • Health telematics and telemedicine: projects on telemedicine, telediagnostics, teleconsultations, teleteaching, emergency telemedicine, risk communication, health surveillance.
  • Health reporting and health informatics: Projects on health statistics, information databases, expert systems, clinical information systems, medical informatics.
  • Health education and health information: Projects on health education, health information, television news magazine, internet portals, health campaigns, health information systems, health journalism.
  • Health marketing and health consulting: Projects on health management, hospital information systems, medical practice management systems, organizational analysis, administrative communication systems, health commerce.

Potential employers include all those who are in the business of brokering health information. This includes health insurance funds, insurance companies, nursing care funds, companies, consumer and patient counseling services, and public agencies and facilities, such as health departments. Further options include employment in the area of health statistics and documentation in hospitals or in the context of health campaigns.

Special attention must be given to new media, in particular the internet. The market for basic health information has grown exponentially (online services and health portals). In these areas, care must be taken to ensure that innovations are implemented consistently and with the highest possible professional competence.

You can find a flyer on the topic of career guidance here.



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