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Degree program requirements

Courses and lectures are held as regular block events at the University of Bielefeld.

Successful completion of the doctoral program requires participation in the courses and lectures of the individual blocks. Students are encouraged to actively participate in courses and lectures, and to develop and cultivate their public discourse skills in the examination of health science problems and questions.

In advance of a particular course, a qualifying paper (QP) must be submitted that meets the following requirements:

a) a length of 15-20 pages;

b) of adequate scientific quality;

c) clearly demonstrate the participant's ability to conduct independent scientific work;

d) As an alternative to the QP, a draft of a manuscript intended for publication may also be submitted, provided it generally corresponds to the requirements of letters a) to c).

Should the QP not meet the above standards, the head of the respective course or lecture may, in consultation with the student's supervisor, request in writing a revision of the QP until it meets the requirements. Once admitted to the course, students are expected to present elements of their own work and to join in discussions of the presentations of the other students. If the student fulfills these course requirements, he or she will receive a performance certificate, to be issued by the head of the respective course.

At the initiation of doctoral exam procedures, the doctoral student must have attended at least 75% of the doctoral blocks (9 out of 12) and be able to provide the necessary certificates, in accordance with § 7 paragraph 2 of the degree program regulations.



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