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Doctoral degree in Public Health (DrPH)

Objectives of the degree program

The doctoral program at the Bielefeld School of Public Health prepares students for the degree of Doctor of Public Health (Dr.PH) or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. in Public Health). These degree programs provide knowledge and skills to systematically work on scientific problems from the fields of health sciences and the international science area of Public Health. In contrast to independent doctorates, the doctoral programs offer structured support towards the completion of the doctoral dissertation.

Doctoral program classes and lectures focus on the examination and analysis of theoretical, methodological and substantive aspects of health sciences and the transfer of scientific knowledge to the structural problems of healthcare and public health. At the same time, the coursework supports, in each phase of the work, the drafting of the dissertation through discussion and writing impulses. Participation in the classes and lectures of the doctoral degree program is one of the preconditions for initiating the doctoral examination procedure. Further details can be found in the doctoral regulations of the Bielefeld School of Public Health of June 1, 2015, and the General Regulation of Doctoral Studies of the University of Bielefeld.

The doctoral degree program is conceived in such a way that students can, with continuous and well-structured support, complete their dissertation within three years. The program has the following educational goals:

  • The degree program broadens students? theoretical knowledge base and their methods skills. It enables the advancement and the application of new theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge in public health. The result is a high quality and original dissertation.
  • The degree program puts graduates in the position of being able to contribute to solving health problems in collaboration with researchers and practitioners, and to resolving political, ethical and social problems in healthcare services.
  • The degree program prepares graduates to assume scientific young academic positions in universities and research facilities and/or management positions in public or private public health facilities.

DrPH degree program information is available on its internet pages and in a detailed  informational brochure that can be downloaded here.

The current degree program regulations of the Bielefeld School of Public Health, as well as the doctoral framework program of the University of Bielefeld can be downloaded here.

 Study Guidelines (German)
 Doctoral Regulations (German)
 General Doctoral Regulations (German)
 General Doctoral Regulations at the University of Bielefeld (English)



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