Counselling Services for Students With a Disability or Chronic Illness

General Student Counselling Service

Bielefeld University offers counselling to all students on everything to do with studying at its Student Advising and Counselling (ZSB).
Contact persons at the ZSB for the special needs of students with a disability or chronic illness are the following counsellors: Carmen Kropat, Dirk Lehnen, Helen Menges, Dr. Justine Patrzek, Dr. Ursel Sickendiek, and Daniel Wilhelm.

->You will always be able to get in touch with somebody who can help you further during the ZSB opening hours.

Member of the Rektorat Responsible for Students With a Disability or Chronic Illness

Since September 2014, Herr Prof. Dr. Frank Neuner is the member of the Rektorat responsible for students with a disability or chronic illness.

Since 01.10.2014 the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia in § 62b (in German) stipulates a "representation for students with disability or chronic illness." This has been further specified through § 23 of the constitution of Bielefeld University (in German) from 01.09.2015. On this basis the Senate elected Prof. Dr. Neuner to the position of central disabilities representative in its session on 27.04.2016.

Contact Person in the Faculties

Apart from the central disabilities representative, the constitution in § 23 section 2 stipulates decentralised representatives, who support the central disabilities representative in each faculty.

These are the representatives of students with a disability or chronic illness of each faculty
FacultiesContact Person
Biology Herr Dr. Nils Hasenbein
Chemistry Herr Dr. Oliver Altmeyer
Educational Science Frau Prof. Beate Wischer
History, Philosophy and Theology Herr Dr. Stefan Gorissen
Health Sciences Frau Prof. Petra Kolip
Linguistics and Literary Studies Herr Dr. Jan Andres
Mathematics Herr Dr. Walter Hoh
Physics Frau Miriam Meier
Psychology and Sports Science
- Psychology

- Sports Science

Herr Prof. Dr. Arnold Lohaus

Herr Prof. Dr. Bernd Gröben
Law Herr Prof. Dr. Franz Mayer
Sociology Herr Prof. Dr. André Kieserling
Faculty of Technology Herr Dipl.-Inform. Michael Johannfunke
Business Administration and Economics Herr Prof. Dietmar Bauer

Office for Students With a Disability or Chronic Illness (RSB)

In addition, the student body represented by the AStA [Student Union] provides a contact point for students with special needs and persons with special needs who want to study at the university. This is the Referat für Studierende mit Behinderung und chronischer Erkrankung [Office for students with a disability or chronic illness, RSB]. As well as representing the interests of students with a disability or chronic illness, The RSB provides a forum for exchanging information on and experiences with all areas covered by the topic of studying with a disability.

H1 - Studying for Disabled Persons - Barrier-Free Until Your Degree


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