Useful Services Outside the University

In the following, you will find some regional and national institutions and associations.

Bielefeld and NRW

BIKIS (Bielefelder Kontakt- und Informationsstelle für Selbsthilfegruppen)
The Website of the BIKIS contact and information forum for self-help groups provides a list (in German) of self-help groups. .

Beratungsstelle Unterstützte Kommunikation Bethel
The Stiftung Bethel advice centre for assisted communication is open to citizens from Bielefeld and the surrounding district of every age who are unable to or can only barely communicate with speech and understand speech because of their disabilities.
->Link to flyer

Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL)
The Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL) is the major provider of social welfare in the region. It is also responsible for the providing personal assistance.
-> (in German)

KOMBABB -Kompetenzzentrum Behinderung - akademische Bildung - Beruf
The services of this disability competence centre for academic training and careers include counselling for persons with a disability or with chronic illness who are interested in studying.
-> (in German)


The German Association of Student Services Organisations (DSW)
The DSW, the parent organization for local associations for student affairs örtlichen Studentenwerke has set up an information and advice centre for studying with a disability. The DSW organizes seminars for disabled students covering the widest range of topics.
->In addition, the DSW publishes a free German-language information brochure every year that can be downloaded here .

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft hörbehinderter Studentinnen und Absolventinnen e.V. (BHSA)
The most important mission of this federal working committee for hearing-impaired students and graduates, the BHSA , is counselling. It gives information to, for example, secondary school graduates and students, organizes nation-wide meetings to exchange experiences, and is represented in influential committees. ->

Deutscher Verein der Blinden und Sehbehinderten in Studium und Beruf e.V. (DVSB)
As an association for blind and visually impaired students and professionals, the DVBS offers its members services such as counselling, legal advice, subject-related information (so-called specialized group information services), recording services (ADW), production of large print texts, audio magazines, overview of court rulings, and the sale of acoustic warning signals. In addition, the DVBS has ties to organizations and institutions both in Germany and abroad.

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft "Hilfe für Behinderte" (BAGH)
This federal working committee to aid the disabled, the BAGH, publishes the German-language journal "Selbsthilfe", and is the parent organization for many self-help groups. It provides a list of member organizations (with addresses) on its Internet pages (in German).

Allgemeiner Behindertenverband in Deutschland (ABiD)
The mission of the ABiD, a general association of disabled persons in Germany, is to communicate the demands of disabled persons to the general public and develop self-help and counselling services.

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS)
The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs publishes a great number of information brochures.

H1 - Studying for Disabled Persons - Barrier-Free Until Your Degree


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