MA 'History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science' (HPSS)
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History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science (HPSS)

This programme is closed. A new programme has been introduced: "History, Economics and Philosophy of Science" (HEPS). The HPSS masters' programme will end irrevocably on September, 30th 2017. By the end of the summer term (30th September 2017) all students will be exmatriculated.

The relevant governing statutes are to be found here (in German).


For further information about the closed program see Basic information HPSS.


The Master’s Program „History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science” is offered at Bielefeld University since winter semester 2005/2006. This program is offered at the Institute for Science and Technology Studies (IWT) and is carried out in cooperation with the Department of History, Philosophy and Theology and the Department of Sociology of Bielefeld University. 

This four semester program focuses on the historical, philosophical and sociological dimensions of science studies. Students will acquire the knowledge as well as research methods enabling them to understand the epistemological characteristics and institutional structures of science in a social and historical context.

After completion of an introductory module during the first semester which covers basic concepts in the history of science, philosophy of science and sociology of science, four interdisciplinary modules are offered: Science and Society – the Knowledge Society; Methods in the Sciences; Development of the Sciences; Organization of Science and Science Policy. Students are able to gain practical experience in a professional area outside the university by participating in a practicum. One semester must be spent at a cooperating partner institution in another country. Agreements between the participating institutions assure that the students may transfer the credit points earned abroad to the main modules in Bielefeld. The students complete the program with a Master’s thesis. Graduates will have acquired the relevant knowledge as well as methodological and reflexive expertise which are in growing demand in the development toward a knowledge and information society. The completion of the Master’s also qualifies the student for admission to the doctoral program at Bielefeld University as well as at other universities. The courses are taught in German.