Thematisches Piktogramm

InterAmerican Studies

InterAmerican Studies encompasses the American continent as a whole, including North, South, and Central America, as well as the Caribbean. It focuses on a region where English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and many indigenous languages converge. The continental approach is the starting point of InterAmerican Studies, and the hemispheric context is the program's primary focus. In addition, the InterAmerican perspective attempts to highlight the relationships between the different areas which together make up the continent.
InterAmerican Studies are aimed at the liminal, interregional, and intercultural areas where the mixture, hybridization, and otherness, is highlighted. The national ceases to be the primary measure of consideration, which opens a broader space of study to allow for a better analysis of the limits, borders, and differences presented in the region. While transgressions, exchanges, and various migrational dynamics are studied, conflicts and chasms that exist on the continent will also be explored.

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