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Media data analysis of terror attacks in Europe since 2011 (current state: July 2018)

Attack Maps: Impressions of Violence in Europe and North America since 2000

We have created three visualizations to show three types of attacks that can be compared:

  • first, the terrorist attacks, which have a religious or are in some categories considered as "terrorist" attacks when they have a political dimension (2011-2017)
  • second, we compared cases of rampage in the West to show how often mentally unstable people, or for various reasons that are unknown, have committed attacks towards schools (2000-2018)
  • third, we wanted to compare this to cases which show mass atrocities but exclude obvious religious dimensions to slightly identify comparative frequency (2005-2017).

We are aware that the time periods of the three mappings differ and the intention is not to have a one-to-one comparison. This is due to our data material (open access) and partly due to what we wanted to show. We have worked with the data material as it was available to us, which explains the different starting years. We deemed 2011 a suitable starting point for the mapping on terrorist attacks in Europe because this was the start of the Arab Spring, the disastrous civil war in Syria and which then prompted large-scale migration flows towards Europe.

Note: The GTD Database is provided by the University of Maryland.
Nils Böckler et al. published results on rampages in the project TARGET.

This analysis consists of 59 terror attacks.
Disclaimer: We do not claim that this list is exhaustive.