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Social Disintegration Processes and Ethnic-Cultural Conflict Constellations in Urban Areas

Short description
This project was part of an interdisciplinary research association calles „Futures in Urban Regions“, involving four research groups funded by the Univeristy Innovation Program of the of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Bielefeld project, which also involved scientists from Dortmund, Essen and Paderborn (projects 3, 6 and 7), contained nine subprojects. Its focus was on relating increading social polariziation and ethnic-cultural heterogenization on the one hand to the decreasing ability to regulate conflicts through socializational, political, and law-enforcing institutions on the other.
The basic assumption of the project as a whole was that the future of relatively non-violent communities depends essentially on future urban developments, and not just those in the major cities. Because the direction of development was assumed to be problematic, it was studied from several perspectives in various cities, neighborhoods, and residential areas. This involved the subprojects on the withdrawal of ethnic groups and their identity policies, the conflicts between youth groups, the qualitative integration of majority and the minority population, the activity of the urban elites, police behavior, and local government policy.
Herr Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heitmeyer
Herr Prof. Dr. Rainer Dollase
Herr Prof. Dr. Otto Backes
Herr Dr. Reimund Anhut
Herr Helmut Schröder
Herr Dr. Levent Tezcan
Herr Dr. Matthias Ulbrich-Herrmann
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Institut für interdisziplinäre Konflikt- und Gewaltforschung
Ministerium für Schule, Wissenschaft und Forschung, NRW