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Collective Identity Formation by Muslims in Public Conflicts

Short Description
Currently, there is a lively scientific interest in studying Muslim identities in Western societies. Nonetheless, it is striking that they are discussed in far too general terms. In contrast, this research project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, paid systematic attention to the specific concepts of salvation in different Islamic movements, typified here as orthodoxy, modernism, fundamentalism, and Sufism. Our hypothesis was that the different paths to salvation must differ in their effects on practical activities in the material world. On the other hand, the public articulation of Muslim identities was embedded within the specific contextual conditions of German society, and this might generate public conflicts that might, in turn, impact on collective identity formation. Here, too, we assumed that there were different possible reactions. Correspondingly, we were able to posit three directions in which the articulation of identities could develop, which we called proactive identity politics, private religion, and muddling through.
Herr Dr. Levent Tezcan
Frau Filiz Kutluer
Kalkan, Özkan
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Institut für interdisziplinäre Konflikt- und Gewaltforschung
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