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Fear of Violence - A study of adolescent victims and perpetrators

Short Desciption
Media reports about adolescents tend to focus heavily on violent behavior. Because youth violence is directed primarily against persons in the same age group, we would assume that this public reporting would be very unsettling for the adolescents themselves and cause them to fear becoming the victim of physical attack by persons of the same age. We used a standardized survey of 2,106 adolescents in Soest district to compare adolescents' fears and worries about suffering acts of violence or other crimes with the intensity of other fears stemming from lifestyle and vocation or from societally produced risks.

We investigated three central questions: a) background factors for the extent of fear of crime among young victims; b) the consequences of victimization on the emotional and somatic well-being of those affected (on the basis of stress theory); c) among young perpetrators, the biographical experiences and social living conditions that are decisive for willingness to use violence and actual violent behavior.
Herr apl. Professor Jürgen Mansel
Kreispolizeibehörde Soest