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Immigration, Figuration, Conflict: A Comparative Social Space Analysis in Bradford and Duisburg

Short description
This comparative research project investigates the changing group relations between immigrants and long-established residents in Duisburg-Marxloh and Bradford-Manningham, two districts which have witnessed intergroup conflicts. The study will use qualitative field research methods. There are two main research interests: firstly, to reconstruct the formation and transformation of group figurations in the relationship between immigrants and established residents since the 1950s in these two deindustrialized medium-sized cities; and secondly, by comparing the figuration processes to find answers to the question why there have been repeated violent group conflicts – riots – in Bradford and why the group conflicts that are certainly also observed in Duisburg (e.g. the call to prayers-conflict in 1996) have not to date escalated violently despite a number of parallels concerning the local context (e.g. economic, demographic, sociostructural). In practical political terms, the study sets out to find out who can take what action to prevent violent group conflicts in the given constellations.
Herr Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heitmeyer
Herr Dr. Jörg Hüttermann
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