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ZuGleich - Belonging and Equivalency

Short Description

Since 2013 the ZuGleich study investigates attitudes, opinions, emotions and perceptions of German people concerning different groups facing the risk of discrimination. The database is established by nationwide and representative surveys of the German people, which take place every two years. The project pursues the empirical recording of in- and excluding groups in a heterogeneous society (Germany). Both the pure acceptance as well as the (positive) recognition of different (group-)identities need to be recorded in a survey representing the population. A particular focus is set on convergences and divergences of perspectives in the German population with and without a migration background. Therefore, alongside the reduced continuation of established measuring instruments, new ways of the examination and explanation of (not-)affiliations and (un-)equivalency are sought.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Zick

Dr. Nora Krott

Bielefeld University
Zeynep Demir, Dr. Nora Krott, Stella Nueschen, Prof. Dr. Zick

University of Duisburg-Essen, ZfTI
Dr. Martina Sauer, Prof. Dr. Haci-Halil Uslucan

Funded by
Stiftung Mercator