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Understanding and Management of Conflict in Voluntary work in refugee aid

Short description

The research project identifies and analyzes recurring conflicts in and around the housing of asylum seekers, by which voluntary workers are affected directly or indirectly. Insights about the process and regulation of such conflicts is rarely studied in a systematical manner. Furthermore, theories about the process of the emergence, escalation and reduction of conflict as well as prevention and intervention possibilities regarding conflict are rarely applied to the actual daily life of volunteers. An expertise about conflicts is to be made, so that the transfer of knowledge to practitioners can be better and more reliable, because conflicts are a substantial barrier for voluntary and civic commitment.
Therefore the aim is to provide a handout for volunteers, which makes knowledge, recommended actions for a better conflict management as well as for the prevention and intervention of conflict available.
The research project uses qualitative research methods of the social sciences. Volunteers will be questioned with problem-centered interviews in different places around Germany. The individual understanding of and coping with conflict will be the focus point. For a comprehensive knowledge production there will be expert interviews with managers of asylum housing as well as with social workers of these institutions. In the centre of the research interest are the following questions: Which types of conflict are happening (repeatedly)? What different actors are involved? Which forms of handling these conflicts are already done?


Prof. Dr. Andreas Zick

Thomas Praßer
Andrea Rumpel
Sophia Fresen
Beatrix Kroschewski

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