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Conflict on Islamic Symbols

Short description
This exploratory project completed in 2002 applied certain fundamental assumptions of conflict theory to an examination of the factors that had an integrative or disintegrative impact on the course of particular conflicts. The study was conducted primarily as ethnographic field research.

a) In the Westphalian city of Halle, a (now resolved) conflict over the construction of a minaret in a middle-class neighbourhood was studied.

b) In Duisburg-Marxloh, a predominantly working-class area, field research originally conducted between 1997 and 1999 was resumed in order to determine the reasons for a lack of conflict over the planned (and now completed) construction of a large, distinctive mosque.

The core findings of the study are that the conflicts in question arise from the ways in which interactions between the original population and immigrants began to change with the arrival of increasing numbers of “guest workers”. It is sociological rather than cultural factors and local and global sociologies rather than mentalities that dominate the controversy surrounding Islamic symbols. Jörg Hüttermann published the results of this project in several articles beginning in the year 2003 as well as a monograph published in 2006.

respective publications:
Hüttermann, Jörg: (2006): Das Minarett: Zur politischen Kultur des Konflikts um islamische Symbole. Weinheim/München: Juventa.

Hüttermann, Jörg: (2007): Islamische Symbole und avancierende Fremde: Konfliktkommunikation in Stadt und Gesellschaft /in: Adelheid von Saldern (Hrsg.): Stadt und Kommunikation in bundesrepublikanischen Umbruchzeiten./, S. 285-304. Stuttgart: Steiner.

Hüttermann, Jörg: (2007): KOnflikt um islamnisceh Symbole in Deutschland: Asymmetrien der Konfliktkommunikation. in: /Sonderband 17 der Zeitschrift "Soziale Welt"/ , S. 201-220 . Baden-Baden: Nomos.
Herr Dr. Heiner Bielefeldt
Herr Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heitmeyer
Herr Dr. Jörg Hüttermann
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