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Working Paper Series


The publication series tries to achieve two objectives. On the one hand the WPS fosters the interdisciplinary discourse and exchange of scientific perspectives on conflict and violence research. Within the WPS theoretical innovations, ideas and observations can be opened to a wider professional public in order to initiate further productive discussions. On the other hand the WPS makes it possible to publish papers which are hard to place in other formats; because of the review procedure and the multiple reasons for rejection or because of a very specific subject matter which is only interesting for a smaller professional public. Either way the article has to open up the respective topic for a wider discussion.

Requirements for a publication in the WPS

We invite interested researchers to send relevant papers to the editorial staff and to participate in the interdisciplinary discourse at IKG. For a paper to be published in the WPS the text must not be published somewhere else and the author(s) need to have all copyrights regarding the text. More details are provided in the "Author Declaration" that is to be signed by at least one contributing author.

Review process

  • If you are interested in publishing in the WPS contact Heiko Mata (hmata@uni-bielefeld.de) and send an abstract (max. 500 words) in .doc(x), .odt or .txt, format.
  •  A member of the editorial staff will review the text regarding basic scientific quality.
  • If there are any problems the editorial staff will ask you to revise the paper.
  • If there are no further concerns or the shortcomings are improved a thematically appropriate member of the editorial staff will conduct a content-related review.
  • After this process you get a response and if necessary time to revise the paper.


  • You and your co-authors sign the "Author Declaration" and submit the (eventually revised) paper with an abstract of max. 500 words and 5 keywords in .doc(x), .odt or .txt format to Heiko Mata. All necessary documents will be provided after contacting the editorial staff and the staff will accompany the implementation.
  • Your paper will be published in .pdf format on the website of IKG and the editorial staff will see to a listing of the publication in appropriate repositories.

Format requirements

  • For practical reasons the editorial staff is responsible for formatting the text. However the following requirements must be met:
  •  Graphics must be provided separately in the original file format (Powerpoint, Excel, picture formats etc.). Markings must be implemented in the text to show where the graphics are to be placed. Captions and references of the graphics are also to be placed there.
  •  Chart captions need to be created with the function "insert label", so that the editorial staff can create an automatic chart index.
  • The editorial staff calls for a gender sensitive spelling.

Editorial staff

Andreas Zick is the head of IKG´s WPS. For the editorial work and review process Manuela Freiheit, Heiko Mata and Kurt Salentin are responsible. The editorial team is supported by Wilhelm Berghan and Melanie Schlüter.


Working Paper Series