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Research Projects

Within the Center’s research areas there are several third-party funded cooperations and projects with associated institutions. For more information, please click on the project title or use the menu on the left hand side to navigate.

Current Projects

Ambiguity in Games: The Role of Uncertainty in Strategic Interaction Singular Control Games: Strategic Issues in Real Options and Dynamic Oligopoly under Knightian Uncertainty
Financial Markets under Knightian Uncertainty In Search of the Global Labour Market - Actors, Structures and Policies
The Role of Professional Networks and Firm Hierarchies for Individual Careers and Wage Inequality Innovation-fuelled, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth (ISIGrowth)
Innovative Training Network 'Expectations and Social Influence Dynamics in Economics' (ExSIDE) Ambiguity in Dynamic Environments


SFB1283 Projects

C2: Innovation dynamics under market uncertainty and financial constraints C3: Recursive utility with intertemporal substitution and related stochastic representation problems
C4: Stochastic games of singular control and games of stopping C5: Financial equilibria under Knightian uncertainty


Past Projects

Analysis of the Interplay between Markets and Cooperative Games Heterogeneity of Skills, Technological Change, and Changing Perspectives on the Labor Market
Dynamic Oligopolistic Competition between Innovating Firms
The EU in the New Complex Geography of Economic Systems
Robust Finance: Strategic Power, Knightian Uncertainty and the Foundations of Economic Policy Advice