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The triad of University Choir (Universitätschor in German), University Orchestra  (Universitätsorchester (ehem. Hochschulorchester) in German) and UniBigband (in German) provides Bielefeld University with a rich musical tradition. The three ensembles are designed as supplementary study options of the Department of Art and Music of the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies. They are supported by the Centre for Aesthetics and regularly stage well-attended concerts. All of the three ensembles welcome new members.

Additionally, other dedicated musical groups are formed, some of them spontaneously, some looking back at a tradition of their own. The spectrum of musical events ranges from classical music to experimental sound experience. Each summer-term during the Nacht der Klänge [Night of Sounds] (in German) music-loving members of the university and guest artists turn the university building into a musical artwork of sound. The Bielefeld Philharmonic Orchestra (in German) is a regular guest in the university hall at the beginning of winter-terms.