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Teaching and Study - A Choice of Combinations and Individual Profiles

Bielefeld University is one of the first institutes of higher education in Germany to have switched all its degree programmes (apart from those in law) to the consecutive study structure. Its guiding principle and hallmark has been a standardized and transparent study structure designed to offer a consistent framework delivering a very broad choice of combinations, polyvalent degree courses, and open interfaces between the various degree programmes.

The university exploits the advantages of a modular and consecutive study structure that - given the university's flexible but standardized framework - offers a whole range of options for designing different degree programme profiles and types of degree programme.

Bielefeld University has developed this model even further while implementing the new teacher training law (LABG). It takes full advantage of the consecutive modular study structure that offers a variety of ways to shape different study course profiles and study types based on a flexible but standardized framework. Alongside its strong research profile, Bielefeld University also offers excellent teaching facilities through its specific, transdisciplinary, and highly networked profile. This offers students numerous potential combinations of study courses and a great opportunity to develop their own profiles.