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Study and Teaching. Students in Centre

Bielefeld University's mission is to give its students a first-class training and the best possible preparation for whatever careers they wish to pursue. It adopts a broad understanding of education encompassing not only training for an academic career but also training for (academically based) professions along with the promotion of personality development. Experience has shown that students learn best when they can become actively involved in the contents of their subject.

Bielefeld University is investing in a multi-level approach focusing on the quality of both individual teaching units and degree programmes, on qualifying teachers to teach well, and on strengthening the self-learning competencies of students. Hence, the central aspect of our strategy for quality teaching is to develop a student-centred culture of teaching and studying. Even under the conditions of increasingly structured degree courses, one of the most important goals at the university is to design teaching units that challenge students and encourage them to adopt an active role as independent thinkers, readers, experimenters, planners, researchers, and - both with their teachers and their peers - communicators.

Degree programmes at Bielefeld University should stand out through clearly formulated training goals and well-coordinated modules and teaching units directed consistently towards these goals. The degree programmes are designed to purposefully and systematically link together and coordinate a variety of types of teaching unit, elements of university attendance and private studies, as well as types of teaching and examination in line with the qualification goals in its mission.