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Teaching at Bielefeld University

Teaching at Bielefeld University is characterized by a broad, differentiated, and interdisciplinary range of highly networked courses. What makes it so special is the way in which numerous combinations are possible within a standard Bachelor degree programme framework. A broad range of Master’s degree programmes, some involving cooperations between several faculties, offer attractive options for studying one subject in more depth or linking together different subjects.

Alongside its networked courses, Bielefeld University offers its students a comprehensive infrastructure and a wide range of support services. Everything is designed to enable students to complete their degree programmes within the standard period of study.

The guiding principle is to offer a structure that makes it possible for students to design their own individual study course, that motivates them to become actively involved in their subjects, and that promotes independent learning and academic curiosity. Bielefeld University does not just impart the necessary specialized knowledge for future careers but teaches its students fundamental analytical skills and interdisciplinary competencies.

For Bielefeld University, highly committed teachers are a major precondition for good teaching. It offers its teachers platforms for exchanging information, it gets them involved in the further development of good teaching, and it provides them with a broad range of further training options.

Bielefeld is a highly innovative university. In 2002, it was one of the first German universities to transform its entire teaching programme into Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Current strategic further developments are focusing on improving the introductory study phase for new students and making its teaching and degree courses international.

Bielefeld University regularly wins major competitions for its teaching concepts – for example the Exzellente Lehre [Excellence in teaching competition] organized by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder (KMK) and the Stifterverband or the Quality Pact for Teaching organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). A look at the rankings confirms the quality of teaching at Bielefeld University.


Teaching and Studying

Prof. Dr. Claudia Riemer

Claudia Riemer


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International Cooperations

Bielefeld University considers internationalisation to be a key element in order to enhance quality and performance in the fields of research, studies and teaching. In this context, cooperations are maintained with numerous universities all over the world.

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